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A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza

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Best in Show veteran at the Danish speicality 2012, both days.


Pictures taken in July 2011


At Iv, June 2, 2011





May 2010


Urza in Juni 2009. Thank you for these great pictures, Linda.


Photo: Alyn Hunsbedt Johansen



Urza in March 2008. Photographer: Maren Jensen


Urza in December 2007. Thank you for taking the pictures, Torill.



June -07




2 years old 2 years old


1,5 years old 1,5 years old


1,5 years old 1,5 years old 1,5 years old


1 years, 4 months.


8,5 months old


Almost 8 months old


6,5 months 6,5 months 5 months


Urza 5 months to the left and her half sister Cichla's Bonita


7 weeks 7 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks   4 weeks

2004.06.01 -  2015.01.15
Owner:  Kennel
Cichla's, Norway

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Re Jason de la Douce
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WW IPO I Mister
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