Puppies are planned ....


Heyday is an ideal size boy, 62 cm tall. He is square with lovely bones, black pigmentation and classic head with a super expression.
Staight back, nice croup and withers and harmonic angulation. Everything in this wondeful boy is just normal, not extreme in any direction.

His owners describes him as a very happy and social guy. He loves to play and fool around but when he's at the competition field, he is sharp and focused. He is training very willingly and loves to be out in the woods tracking. He competes in obedience and in the highest class in tracking.
He is fearless and alert when he works and cuddly and loving towards everyone and everything when he's "off duty".


Fashion is a ideal size, elegant bitch of excellent type. She has good coat, good bones, dark eyes and a beautiful head. Her ears are nice in shape and size but could be higher set.
She is a bitch with a nice temperament, kind and sweet. She is social and lovable to people, even if there are a few strangers she doesn't really like.
She is a very special girl with a lot of humour. She thinks she is a chihuahua or something and make herself sooooo small in the lap if she wants. She loves to carry things and it happens very often that she falls a'sleep with a bone or a toy in her mouth. She did a mental description with no struggling, no hunting and no fear of gun shots.

 Fashion is born at kennel Revloch in Ireland and is the daughter of the fantastic Revloch Zidane and the beautiful Revloch X-factor.

As both Heyday and Fashion are homozygote black all the puppies will of course be the same.
They will be born in the end of July