Tame rat
Pet rat
Rattus norvegicus domesticus


This is Mårten. He is a silver black
roan male, November 2008 - March 2010


This is Max. He is an agouti (wild boar) coloured
male, November 2008 - November 2010



They are very nice and cuddly. They love to sit on my shoulders and join me when I clean, cook and do the dishes. If I cook they gladly want to be inside the pots and pans. There can be something tasty ...

They eat everything but their absolute favorites are yoghurt, banana and whole grain crackers






In Sweden we often call the clerks
 "office rats", but what is Max if
not an office rat?


I gave them a toilet roll
to play with and my idea
was that they should
make a bed in the paper
box on the floor but
they want to sleep








Max is a little bit enoyed when Morten takes to much space by the food table. "Well, if I just go down the ladder, there is another bowl".






    eating asparagus soup. Yummie.