8 months, BIS-puppy at the Swedish special show,
August 2016.
Judge: Dirk Spruyt & Miriam Veimere


9 months, 2 x BIS-puppy at the Norweigan double breed
special show, September 2016.
 Judge: Jesper Andersson & Linda Lester



2017.08.06 SKK Visby int youth class Rosemary Daly-Meehan (Irl) CQ, BB-1, BOB, CACIB
2017.08.05 SKK Visby youth class Zorica Salijevic V.G.
2016.12.04 SKK Stockholm junior class Jesper Andersson Exc 2, CK
2016.09.04 NBFK, Norway Puppy class Linda Lester (GB) BOB, Best in Show
2016.09.03 NBFK, Rogaland Puppy class Jesper Andersson BOB, Best in Show
2016.08.07 SBU, Sweden Puppy class Dirk Spruyt BOB, Best in Show
2016.05.06 Ivö, Sweden Puppy class Jan Ralph, GB Best female puppy 4-6 months.
2016.05.05 Ivö, Sweden Puppy class Tish Gaffey, GB Best female, BOS-puppy